Partaker B1 Mini PC Fanless Micro Computer with Intel Core i3 4005u i5 4200u i5 5250u i7 4500u

Processor has 4 options suitable for the same motherboard:
1. CPU Intel Core i5 5200U/5250U 2 cores 4 threads 2.2GHz 3MB cache TDP 7.5W Intel HD Graphics 5500.
2. CPU Intel Core i7 4500U 2 cores 4 threads 1.8GHz 4MB cache TDP 15W Intel HD Graphics 4400.
3. CPU Intel Core i5 4200U 2 cores 4 threads 1.6GHz 3MB cache TDP 15W Intel HD Graphics 4400.
4. CPU Intel Core i3 4005U/i3 4010U 2 cores 4 threads 1.7GHz 3MB cache TDP 15W Intel HD Graphics 4400. (i3 4005U/4010U/4030U/5005U will ship randomly per stock)

How to select Configuration?
For example:
You click " 8GB Ram 128GB SSD" from Color and "CPU i5 5250U" from Bundle, we will ship mini pc with processor i5 5250U 8GB Ram 128GB SSD and Windows preinstalled to you.
You click " No Ram No Storage" from color and "CPU i7 4500U" from Bundle, we will ship mini pc with processor i7 4500U but No Ram No storage and NO OS to you.


1)- Beautiful: Industrial aesthetic design and Reasonable interface layout;

2)- Noiseless: Fanless system, low consumption, 0.00dB noise;

3)- Special: Support 64 bits computing Turbo boost Hyper-Threading Virtualization technology etc, Can install 1pc 2.5'' SSD or HDD and 1pcs MSSD(5CMx3CM) together(welcome to contact our Pre-Sales if you need it) up to 512GB SSD or 1TB HDD large volume;

​4)-Stable: Newest Intel Core i5 4200U(i3 5005U)+Haswell(Broadwell) structure+ Intel HD 4400(5500)Graphics+Fanless professional passive cooling by alloy case, be able to work 24hours per day;
5)- Slim: Only 29mm body thickness, can stand on desk by free bracket we supply;
6)- Smooth: High-end Intel Graphics HD 4400(5500), fight again dedicated Graphics! Support all online games, big 3D games, large-scale mapping software, blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD streams, full 1920*1080 HD resolution, 2*HDMI dual monitor display;
7)- Strong: Work with any brand monitors; 1*RJ45 Gigabit Lan Nic+1*VGA+1*HDMI+4*USB3.0+2*USB2.0 Suit for multiple application for example integrate with touch devices, industries, car repair shops, security, education, home as HTPC, business, fanancial and projects;
8)-Low-carbon green: TDP only 15W, very economical, saving a lot energy every year, low consumption but with a very amazing performance.
9)-Certification: CE, FCC & RoHS.
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