Disturbed Furniture - Information

Phil Shoenfelt's early years in New York.

Alexa Hunter -- vocals
Phil Shoenfelt -- lead guitar
Stephanie Hameon -- rhythm guitar
Tony Zebe -- bass guitar
Micki Crash -- drums

Music/lyrics by Phil Shoenfelt

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Steve Remote
Assistant engineer Pete Lewis
Recorded 1980/Quardasonic Studios, NYC
Cover photo by Dan Mullen Studio
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Marnelia Flowers
Lol, believe it or not, the vocals, Alexa Hunter, is my English teacher as Ms. Hunter.
tony rock zeimpekakis
that is my single..i play bass and i write the riff off the song the words are by phil shoenfeld.that now he has made since 1980....16 lps ..with varius others and with his band in praque..phil also plays guitar in the song ..i dont know if alexa hunter..is english teacher.maybe//i have not talk to her in years ..the recording off the single was made in new york in the 1980..
Love finding these old New Wave singles. Seemed like everyone was riding the crest back then.
tony rock zeimpekakis
only the lyrics on side one information are by phil..the lyrics one side 2 alor alers are by alexa .the music is by all of us .i come up with the bass riffs first and they say sounds good and we work on them .that is the truth for the record ok
bertiod von rastenburger
great name for a band
El Emar
666th like. well alright then...
Nice Guy
andenmatten diego
James W Peterson
I actually have the 45.
Stuart Cohn
I saw them live a bunch of times at Irving Plaza and other venues back in 1980-81. They were a fun group to watch and very much part of the NYC scene in those days.
Can anyone provide a HQ version of this?